We have not yet been operating a month but have been fortunate enough to receive a lot of feedback. As a result we felt compelled to bring forward our first product development meeting where we take on board customer feedback and see when we can implement changes / updates.

We are so grateful for all your emails. We read them very carefully and try to take on as much as possible. We have absorbed a lot of kind feedback from customers conveying the message that they are very satisfied with how the site is structured and its clear flow. A summary of key words coming from your feedback;

Stylish, simple, classic, luxury, quality, easy (to understand), modest choice but really good! (We will work on adding new fabrics as quickly as we can). Value (from those who have been able to compare against off-the-shelf options in the market of similar quality), personal, fast service, stylish brand (something you feel proud to carry and convey).

Two things we will be working on first; add more fabric and one more collar style.

We constantly strive to achieve perfection, so please continue to send in your views and thoughts!

Best regards


Strategy Meeting