Hello and welcome to TailoredR!

This is our first news post! It has been a long journey getting to this simple task. We are super happy that we can finally tell our family and friends that the site is not ‘coming’, but is up and running!

To those of you who do not know us, we offer you a warm welcome. We hope you will see us as a friendly tailor with whom you can have a dialogue, rather than just another online retailer. We want to hear your thoughts and learn from you on how we can improve.

We could write an entire novel on why we started this company, and the journey we have been on to this point. We will share this with you over time, but for now we will just say that we simply could not find anyone who could provide us with a shirt that was classically styled and tailored with good fit and fabric selection. So we decided to do it ourselves.

We interviewed suppliers, specialists in the industry, tailors, designers, etc etc. We have literally flown all over the world to locate the best suppliers. Vendors that provide nothing but the best quality product and service.

We are extremely proud to have ‘opened our doors’  and now invite you to experience what we have created. We are not promising that we have perfected everything, and we have no doubt that we still have a lot to learn. But we do promise to do our best and at all times to listen to our customers.

We have started with a modest selection of fabrics from our valued suppliers from Italy – Albini Group & Canclini. We will be expanding our range, but will be very responsive to your requests.

Lets keep the communication lines open….

Best regards,
Lars Zdilar and Garth Reynolds