Our mission is to modernize one of the worlds most traditional and respected professions – Tailoring.

Further, we want to make this amazing craft more accessible to everyone.

With today’s technology it is possible to offer high-quality, tailored garments, over the Internet. We guide you through a process that is not dissimilar to setting foot into one of London’s respected tailors on Savile Row or Jermyn Street.

Behind our products are some very special and gifted professionals. Tailoring a shirt is the bringing together of a number of skills – pattern making, cutting, sowing, the construction of collars, plackets and cuffs, and the attachment of the finest accessories. Preceding this has been days of sourcing the best fabrics, mother of pearl buttons, interlinings, thread, and collar stays.

Our fabric is 100% cotton and supplied by the finest mills in Italy.


How does our site work?

In the main menu you will see “Start Design”.

This link will take you to the beginning of the creation of your personalized shirt.
Once you have designed your shirt, we then require you to provide us with your measurements. We provide detailed instructional videos on how this is done.



You can provide your measurements in 3 ways:
– From Your Body
– From Your Favorite Shirt
– By selecting your Collar Size and allowing us to suggest measurements that you can choose to adjust. For example, adding length to the body or arms.



With your measurements entered, you are now ready to proceed to place your order.


We recommend that you create an account and save your design or measurements to your account. You can give your design or measurement profiles a name. This way you can return and complete them at any time, or save adjusted designs or measurement profiles. You can create as many design or measurement profiles as you like. This makes it easier to place new orders in the future, and allows you to save profiles for your family and friends.