I often have a discussion with clients and friends about ironing shirts. Let me share my thoughts and a suggestion around this subject;

Wrinkle free shirts are chemically treated. So we have so far resisted including such fabrics in our collection. We like the idea that our shirts are 100% cotton, purchased from Italian mills that care about our environment.

Gentlemen should only wear a shirt for one day. Why? Body odour, cleanliness etc

It is our considered opinion that it is not good form to wear t-shirts under your shirt, it is not supportive of a comfortable well fitting shirt.

Sending your shirt to a dry cleaner can be problematic. In general they over heat the shirt during cleaning or ironing, and they are very rough on mother-of-pearl buttons. So we suggest taking the time to wash your shirts at home.

When cleaning your shirt, make sure whites are cleaned with whites and use the ‘Shirt/Blouse’ setting on your washing machine. Set the temperature at 40°C. The shirt setting tends to spin your clothes at lower rpm (circa 800). As soon as the wash finishes, take the shirts out and hang then immediately.  This minimises wrinkling and makes ironing easier.

Now ironing. If you are spending money on a well tailored shirt, then please invest in a quality iron. It provides better results and saves time. I recently bought the Philips PerfectCare Elite. I have had it for about 6 months and have been very happy with results. It has a large water reservoir, automatically sets temperature, and has excellent steam pressure and distribution. You will be very happy with results. Shop around, but retail price is 3,000 – 3,500kr. That is the equivalent of only 3 shirts, and you will be using this machine every week. Do not struggle with cheap irons!